Shipments from Brazil

shipment from brazil

The shipment from Brazil is so easy, specially if you ask us to buy for you. Otherwise any person that want to buy into Brazil's territory should count with a “Brazilian Tax Identification” or “Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas” by the acronym in portugués CPF .

1 vez por semana
$15.00 USD/Kg.
8 días
48 a 72 horas

Useful informations .

The Brazil- Paraguay shipment rate is $15 USD/kg by land.

The transit time is 8 days.

The processing time is 48 hours.

Yes, in the purchase service we do all the process for you and you don't need to have CPF. The cost of the service is 15% of commission over the purchase value.

It's the document of tax identification of Brazils, essential for brazilians, but also available for foreign people. For example, are bound to have it “the people residing abroad who own in Brazil goods and rights subject to public registration, investments in the financial market, capital or to make purchases Online. within the Brazilian territory” .


El trámite es muy sencillo, tienes que acercarse personalmente al Consulado de Brasil en la dirección Ruta Mcal. Estigarribia n° 1856 entre General Aquino y Mayor Fleitas en el horario de 08:00 a 13:30 horas de Lunes a viernes. Teléfono: 232-000

It has not expiration.

Not, it is free.

You need a photocopy of your identity card and of your birth certificate.

Not, within the paraguayan territory.

Some online sites from Brazil that you could buy from.

Don't have CPF? We buy for you. The cost of the service is 15% of commission over the purchase value