Ocean freight


With Paraguaybox, you can make your maritime shipments safely.

We offer you the best solutions that adapt to all your needs, even the most demanding.

Also with us you can make your shipments from various parts of the world such as the USA, Spain and China


Documentation and dispatch
Prepaid shipping service from origin to Asunción
Receipt of cargo in the offices of USA, Spain and China.
Personal and commercial loads
Loads in containers and loose cargo.
Loads without size or weight limit.



Available countries. Frecuency.

1 departure every 20 days
  • USA
1 departure every 30 days
subject to variation
  • China
  • Spain

Only the USA / Py sea route is charged BY KILO and the volume is not taken into account. The transit time is approximately 90 days.


For maritime cargo, the package must arrive with the word MAR followed by the box number.

You can indicate in your shipping address (First name, first last name, your box number followed by the word MAR) - Example: Juan Gonzalez AS12345MAR

You can also indicate to your supplier that they can place the word MAR with a marker in a legible place on the package.

You must notify via email to maritimo@paraguaybox.com facilitating the tracking of the package plus the purchase order (order detail) before the package arrives at the receiving Warehouse.

*This specification must be applied to all origins by sea

**In the event that the cargo arrives without proper identification and has not been previously notified by email, it will be shipped by air.

This step is important so that the shipment is sent by the correct means and avoid being sent by air.

Minimum transport: 2KG

Any questions send to consulta@paraguaybox.com