Ocean freight


With Paraguaybox, you could do your maritime shipments in a safe way.

We offer you the best solutions that adapt to all your needs, even the most demanding ones.

Furthermore, with us you could do your shipments in several parts of the world like in USA , Spain, China y Germany.

Documentation and dispatch
Prepaid shipping service from origin to Asunción
Receipt of cargo in the offices of USA, Spain and China.
Personal and commercial loads
Loads in containers and loose cargo.
Loads without size or weight limit.



Available countries. Frecuency.

1 departure every 20 days
  • USA
1 departure every 30 days
  • China
  • Germany
  • Spain


Import costs to Paraguay. Shipping to agencies in the interior of the country is added $ 1.

$5.90 USD/ Kg

$7.75 USD/ Kg

$800.00 m³ + $1.50/kg

$950.00 m³

Only the USA / Py sea route is charged BY KILO and the volume is not taken into account. The transit time is approximately 90 days.


For sea freight it is necessary to place the word MAR in the package. you can place it with any marker in some readable place of the package. This especification should be applied to all the origins .

This step is important to ensure that the shipment is made by the correct means and avoid from being sent by air

Any query should be sent to consulta@paraguaybox.com