Dispatch Service

dispatch service Paraguaybox

The dispatch is the service of payment of import tax by which any merchandise or other income is legalized in a country and legally authorizes the article either for its use (example: automobiles) or for its commercialization in case of merchandise for sale .

To access an import the company or person must be registered as an importer in the Paraguayan Customs, in the case of goods such as automobiles may not be registered, as not being registered the withholdings are higher therefore increase import costs.

Paraguaybox ofrece diferentes servicios para transportes, incluyendo:

1- GUIDE CUT: When the client is registered as an importer, the service is offered to the customs, upon arrival, a GUIDE CUT is made, giving the client enough documents to proceed with the customs clearance and payment of taxes.

2- DIRECT DISPATCH: Paraguaybox or any of the companies in the group are qualified as importers, therefore they can import and pay taxes in their name and then transfer the merchandise to the customer, invoicing it for the same.

3- RETENTION AND DISPATCH In case Paraguaybox does not carry out the freight or transport in the same way, it can carry out the paperwork of dispatch, it must be notified before boarding since the documents have certain requirements that the client must comply with. For questions about this procedure please contact us at consultas@paraguaybox.com