Commercial Loads

The best integral logistics service in Paraguay

With our own warehouse located in Miami of 2100m² in size, we offer the best advantages to our clients, offering services like: Storage, Load consolidation, Verification, Control of origin.

Global Presence

Wide worldwide network to operate cargo from any point of origin, either with direct routes or by IN BOUND via Miami.

We went to look for your merchandise. We carry out Pickup service from any origin, in a global way by air or sea, carrying loads of any kind: Dangerous Goods or DGR, Cold Chain, General Cargo.

Cargo Consolidation Service

The breadth of our warehouse offers the option to store the packages and consolidate with other loads for later shipment in a single mother guide.

You can opt for your charges to stop in Miami

If you have a cargo that you want to consolidate with your goods in the USA, we offer you the INBOUND service, we transport your loads to Miami, without importing them into the country, consolidating them and sending them to destination. When not entering as an import, taxes are not charged for it and once consolidated, the cargo is shipped or you can choose the option of "Storage".