Shipment from USA

shipment usa
3 times per week
$23.50 USD/Kg.
48 a 72 hours
24 a 72 HOURS

Our most frequented route definitely USA. We started the company shipping from this origin in 2009. Initially we only had this route, based on our good logistic management and the satisfaction of our customers, we were able to grow and cover other origins. This office has the largest number of services offered, we strive to achieve and keep the quality day by day, therefore our USA office has greater capacity, our warehouse ( 2,000m²), with capacity to provide safe storage without limits and it is connected to the other offices that we have in other countries.

We highlight a special service "Inbond Service" which allows receiving shipments or shipments from other countries and temporarily store them so that it is not necessary to enter as an import.

This is just one of the many services we offer in our office of Miami. Below, all the services that we have, we will detail each of them. We remind you that you can always ask for a customized service specifying which services to include

Useful information .

The shipment rate from USA to Paraguay is $23.50 USD/kg by air.

The transit time from 24 to 72 hs.

The processing time from 24 to 72hs.

Th eshipment address from USA you could find in this link

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