Shipment from China

Shipment from China to Paraguay Paraguaybox Envíos aéreos aerial shipment

Do your shipments through out our China route taking advantage of the economic prices in technology, machinery, clothing and much more. The stores in China offer very low prices that you will not believe. Take advantage and ask today to bring from China.

1 time each 15 days
$23.00 USD/Kg.
10 to 15  days
24  to 48  hours

Useful informations .

The shipment rate China - Paraguay is $24 USD/kg for aerial shipments.

In the China- Paraguay route is charged the volume $14.00 USD for volumetric weight.

The volumetric weight is calculated multiplying long x high x wide divided 5.000

Volumetric Weight= Long (cm.) + High (cm.) + wide (cm.) / 5.000

We leave you this video to help you calculate the volumetric weight:

The transit time is 10 to 15 days approximately.

The processing time is 24hs to 48hs.

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Some online websites where you can buy from China